2023 Flood Information

Village & Town Information

Launch of a Long-Term Recovery Group, LEARN (the Lamoille Area Recovery Network)

Our community has launched a Long-Term Recovery Group, LEARN (the Lamoille Area Recovery Network),  to support people impacted by the flooding in July.  Representatives from LEARN live and work in our community.  They will be visiting flood impacted areas of Johnson this Sunday, October 29, between 11:00 a.m and 1:00 p.m.  The purpose of their visit is to interview people impacted by the flooding and to identify any unmet needs.  The goal is to match those unmet needs with local, state and federal resources.  If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to LEARNLTRG@gmail.com or call/text Sarah Henshaw at (802) 730-9513 or Greg Stefanski at (802) 730-2720.  If you can volunteer or donate to help your neighbors in need, please reach out as well.  Thank you.


Town & Village Office / Municipal Building

Town Offices flooded and will be closed until further notice. Please Do Not come to the Municipal Building except to use the Dropbox. The Dropbox is available at all hours. If you need information or assistance, please call 802-635-2611, mail to P.O. Box 383, Johnson, VT 05656, or you can email: Municipal Directory

Village of Johnson Wastewater treatment Facility (WWTF)

Village of Johnson Wastewater treatment Facility ((WWTF) was severely damaged in the flood but has been brought up to full treatment levels in a very manual, labor intensive temporary mode while we work through the FEMA process to replace the processes properly. These flushing rules are always in effect, but are so very important while the WWTF is being operated in this (full treatment) emergency mode.

Please Do Not flush: cleaning chemicals, heating oil, or other petro chemicals, any byproduct of flood clean-up included paper towels, “flushable “ (they aren’t) wipes, or any other items besides #1, #2 and TP. These flushing rules are always in effect, but are so very important while the WWTF is mostly offline.


The protocol for getting your electric service turned on by the VOJ Electric Dept is simple and without exception.

1. Get a LICENSED ELECTRICIAN to inspect the entire system and sign a letter that includes the 911 address of the property, saying your power is safe to turn on. That letter must be left on the meter in a manner that is safe from wind & rain for the electric department to collect before they are allowed to restore your power.2. Once that letter is there, call 802-730-2993 (Do NOT call the Water & Light Foreman directly) to request your power turned on. You need to give your 911 address and confirm the electrician has left the letter clearing you.There are No Exceptions to this procedure, it is for YOUR Safety.

Utilities Announcement

Due to the difficulties brought on by the historic flood of our community, the Village is not going to charge interest on late payments for the August utility billing cycle. Likewise, the Village tax bills (which are late coming out due to our systems being drowned in the flood) will be due in 60 days vs. the customary 30 days.

Flood Debris Removal

Last Pickup is the week of September 11, 2023!

Leave flood debris in the Town Right-of-Way, and notify the Town so we can assist with removal.

Please separate electronics, metal, tires, toxic material (paints, aerosols, oil, etc)

*** if you have dumpster needs please let the Town know and someone will contact you***


The Town cannot help with privately arranged dumpsters. Guidance from Vermont State Emergency Management to Johnson, after our request for information about privately contracted dumpsters:

  • In some cases individuals who personally contracted dumpsters can be reimbursed through the Individual Assistance Program.
  • If you have questions for the State about flood-related guidance that isn’t available through resources on https://www.vermont.gov/flood
  • You may email ADM.2023floods@vermont.gov and they will connect you with the right person who can answer your questions and get you closer to possible guidance/resolution or how to get re-imbursement (if applicable).
  • Additionally residents should be advised to take pictures, separate out hazardous waste for proper disposal and notate where the dumpster is being shipped to, the driver can provide that address.

We hope this helps.

📰  Big News 📰 from the 📬Johnson Post Office 📬

Johnsons Post Office is handling mail and packages at the mobile unit, the the Parking Lot beside the building. We will have limited retail services at the moment. We are working on a full retail unit. Just waiting for equipment to arrive. You can drop off your packages and mail to be dispatched daily. If you receive a pick-up notice, that will also be at the mobile unit. We want to thank Hyde Park Post Office and staff for assisting us during this time. If we didn’t have such a great team and community this would not have happened so fast. Thank you all for you help, support, patience and appreciation. Jane, Nia, Scott, Josh, Julie, Paige, Curtis and Mitzi.

Post Office is ready!

Supplies & Goods

If you are in need of any supplies (food, cleaning, water, clothing, and many more) to get back on your feet from the flood, please contact Lynda Hill with your needs and she will assist. Call or text: 802-585-5447


Village Drinking Water System is Fine.

Despite the flood compromising all other Village utilities, the drinking water system was miraculously unharmed. The field that hosts the wellhead and Treatment Facility was untouched by the floodwaters. Furthermore, due to the sealed construction, depth of pipe bury, and more importantly the >100PSI outward pressure of the water inside the pipe, it is impossible for the floodwaters to contaminate the water inside the water mains.
You can have confidence in the safety and potability of your Village of Johnson drinking water, and we will continue to work tirelessly to bring all other services back to previous levels.


The Johnson Food Shelf is Open and prepared to serve you if needed.

Johnson Sk8Park is closed until further notice.

Please DO NOT go to the park – it is not safe. A reopen plan will be communicated.

Library Updates

The interim Library is open on the ground floor of the Masonic Temple, at the corner of Pearl St & Main St! The Library Trustees and staff have been working hard to provide the many important services they always have! Library information and updates can be found on the Johnson Public Library website: https://www.johnsonpubliclibrary.org/


Deadline to apply: October 12, 2023


Understanding FEMA Individual Assistance and Public AssistanceFEMA Individual Assistance (IA) Program | California Statewide Wildfire ...

Vermont 2-1-1 is Not FEMA, 211 helps connect you with services.
You must also apply for FEMA assistance!

Call 1-800-621-3362 / TTY 1-800-462-7585
or visit www.disasterassistance.gov
Once this is done, an inspector will call for an appointment.

Please expect that this will take time.


Deadline to apply: October 12, 2023


Please Apply!


If you get denied, appeal! Many people who are denied and appeal get assistance!

If you get assistance, but it the amount seems too low, appeal! (You can appeal many times.) Use receipts, estimates, and fair market values to support your appeal. Many people who appeal get more assistance!


Appeal after a denial, or low assistance!


Surge Support | U.S. Department of the InteriorSmall Business Administration Flood Assistance

The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides low-interest long term loans to residents, business owners and private non-profit organizations impacted by the flooding on July 10-11. The SBA is operating a Business Recovery Center at the Lamoille County Agriculture Building, 29 Sunset Drive, Morrisville. Hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, seven (7) days per week. The SBA provided the following flyers for us to share with residents.
SBA Disaster Assistance Loans for Businesses and Nonprofits
SBA Disaster Assistance for Homeowners and Renters
Disaster Loans for Homeowners and Renters
Disaster Field Operations Center News Release August 16, 2023
Vermont Emergency Declaration Fact Sheet

State of Vermont

State Flood Resources


State of Vermont Essential Needs: https://www.vermont.gov/flood#gsc.tab=0:~:text=Essential%20Needs%20%26%20Financial%20Assistance

State Buyout and Mitigation information: http://vem.vermont.gov/funding/mitigation

State Fire Marshall Postings

Click link to see the meaning of: Vermont Dept of Fire Safety Explanation of disaster placards




Mold in homes and buildings

🏚🦠Mold in your flooded home is a reality — see this guidance! 🦠🏚


From the Vermont Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program:

Scammers often strike in the aftermath of natural disasters, taking advantage of community generosity and our heightened emotional state. Be on the lookout and report disaster-related scams, including:

  • Government Imposter Relief Scams, in which a scammer may claim to be FEMA or another government organization offering help for a fee, or demanding your personal information.Avoid this scam: Connect with FEMA directly and follow updates from the Governor and Vermont Emergency Management.
  • Phony Charties that claim to be recovery efforts when they are not.Avoid this scam: Do your research and only give to valid charities that you have thoroughly researched and vetted.
  • Dubious Contractors without business credentials that claim they can restore damages immediately, requiring upfront payment, but never return to complete the work.Avoid this scam: Never pay in full upfront for a home improvement project. Make sure you have a written contract. Check residential contractor registration status with the Secretary of State’s Office of Professional Regulation.
  • Utility Disconnection Scams demand payment along with threats to disconnect the consumer’s services.Avoid the scam: Hang up and contact your utility provider directly about your account status, using a number you know to be valid.

When you encounter an unexpected or new interaction, take steps to verify whether it may be a scam by slowing down, logging the contact, reaching out to others and doing research. Warn others about scams by reporting the scams you encounter to the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) at 800-649-2424 or online at http://ago.vermont.gov/cap.

If you suspect price gouging due to the emergency event, please report it to the Attorney General’s Office where they have authority to look into and address complaints. https://ago.vermont.gov/consumer-assistance-program-complaint-form

Hazardous Spill cleanup

source through the Vermont Agency Natural Resources: If you need cleanup of hazardous materials please contact Spill Response Team at 802-828-1138

Governor’s Press Releases


Additional Community Resources

United Way of Lamoille County- FLOODING RESOURCE PAGE




State of Vermont Essential Needs: https://www.vermont.gov/flood#gsc.tab=0:~:text=Essential%20Needs%20%26%20Financial%20Assistance

State of Vermont Buyouts and Mitigation: http://vem.vermont.gov/funding/mitigation

7/10 – 7/11/2023 Storm Information

Lamoille River peaked at a height of 20.01 feet at approximately 6:45AM on Tuesday, 7/11/2023. For context setting, Lamoille River floods at 13 feet, with “major” flood stage at 16 ft. Here are Lamoille River flood event levels for comparison: 19.8 ft Storm of 1995, 17.28 ft Halloween 2019, and 16.97 ft Storm of 2011. The largest flood event on record was the 1927 flood, with waters measuring 27 ft. 

For EMERGENCIES Call 9-1-1

– For other support, including assistance with flood-related questions or needs, call 2-1-1 (keep trying)

– For non-emergency contact Johnson Town or Village call 802-635-2611 (see above for Electric)