Town & Village Comprehensive Development Plan

Every five years, the Johnson Planning Commission undertakes the task of writing a development plan for our community. The plan is an important document that provides a framework for future community decisions.  The plan is also valuable source of information and serves as a reference for local boards, citizens and businesses, and other governmental organizations, such as neighboring towns, state agencies and regional planning commissions.

The 2016-2024 plan is a document that strives to present combined aspirations of two municipalities that together form Johnson. The municipalities are the Town of Johnson and the Village of Johnson and they each provide services to Johnson residents. The Town, for example, takes care of town highways. The Village maintains sidewalks. The Town contracts for police and ambulance services. The Village – primarily within its boundaries – provides electricity and operates a water supply and sewer systems. Johnson residents, no matter whether residing in the Town or the Village, often utilize and benefit from services provided by both municipalities.The residents of the Town frequent businesses and public amenities within the village while residents of the Village enjoy the scenic character and rural amenities available throughout town. The proposed 2016-2024 plan strives to look at the Johnson community comprehensively and outline themes that are important to the community as a whole.

Below is the link to the proposed plan and maps.

Plan narrative:

2016-2024 Municipal Development Plan

Plan maps:

Johnson Conserved Lands

Johnson Energy

Johnson Facilities

Johnson Flood Resilience Structures

Johnson Flood Resilience Transportation

Johnson Flood Zones River Corridors

Johnson Recreation

Johnson Septic Suitability

Johnson Sewer & Water

Johnson Soil Limitations

Johnson Soil Resources

Johnson Transportation

Johnson Designated Village Center

Johnson Wildlife

Johnson Land Use